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Sneakers have always been a plush weapon that fashionable geeks love. In recent years, the old ladies shoes brought by the Balenciaga family have stirred up a gust of wind. Fashion is even more sought after, many stars wear it directly to the major fashion weeks, sports shoes are wild and comfortable, but also withstand the test of fashion and time, from the trend in recent years can also see that the trend is in the comfortable hundred Take the sports style development, have to say that having a pair of suitable sports shoes is really too important. So how should this year’s sports shoes be worn? Sports shoes with jeans is the most common match, do not know what to wear when the two single products will not go wrong, coupled with the current popular suit jacket can increase the degree of fashion. In addition to a variety of jackets, shirts are also an integral part of spring, shirts, jeans, sports shoes, the combination of the three, the classic degree for all to see, want to be more different can also stack shirts. Spanish fashion blogger Marvaldel loves to use sneakers to complete the match. Easily evacuating effortless chic looks simple and comfortable. Wide-legged trousers are worn to walk and bring wind, and bring a sense of casual, and sports shoes with nature is not a violation. Veronika Heilbrunner, who was named the most eye-catching street beater of the year by the well-known fashion website Who What Wear last year, is an out-and-out sneaker lover, especially when wearing a skirt. Speaking of the pair of shoes that must be worn in the beginning of spring, who would you think of? It is not a Loafers shoe or a cat’s heel shoe. It is the most comfortable sports shoe. In fact, strictly speaking, it can be worn all year round, but in the spring, it can be more comfortable to wear it. This time it is said that it’s wearing ankle – nine pants, whether it is a cowboy pants, wide leg pants or suit pants, are worthy of recommendation with. The fashionable stars Liu Wen, Gulina Zha, and Dili Semba all wear together. You should hurry to pick it up!

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With the sports consumption as one of the new consumer trends, the sports industry has begun to surging. Authoritative report pointed out that the sports industry in the largest proportion of sports products and brands, the Chinese clothing footwear, health care, leisure and education industry in the next five years will be a strong growth of 26% to 42%. From the recent domestic and international sports brands have released mid-year report, you can also see around the “movement” more and more intense competition, Adidas Greater China grew 27.7% year on year, continue to erode the original industry boss Nike’s market share; domestic sports Brand Li Ning also came a good news, and bet on children’s clothing market. nike huaraches womens sale,The image of the damaged Nike in China, a serious fall, a new qualifying start staged. China’s sports industry special report – “China started – the rise of the Chinese sports fitness industry” (hereinafter referred to as “report”) shows that China’s consumer upgrade is quietly in progress , While the sports consumption also will usher in the largest market dividend. Report analysis pointed out that in 2016 the size of the Chinese sports fitness market close to 1.5 trillion yuan (about 216.8 billion US dollars), of which sports products and equipment consumption accounted for nearly 70%. The report analyzes the overall situation of China’s sports industry and predicts the potential for sports such as sports, sports and other winter sports as well as traditional martial arts and health and fitness. It is the largest sports product and brand in the sports industry , The report said that China’s apparel footwear, health care, leisure and education industry in the next five years will be a strong growth of 26% to 42%. As a result, the Chinese market by the international sports brand as a battle for emerging markets. Nike, the original Nike occupy the top spot in the Chinese sports market, but Adidas this year’s performance, Adidas Nike’s position is pressing harder and harder. According to Adidas recently announced the second quarter of 2017 earnings report, Adidas net sales rose 20% to 50.38 billion euros, net profit rose 16% to 347 million euros, its brands Adidas and Reebok have increased. From the regional development point of view, in addition to Russia, all other regions have achieved double-digit growth in sales, which grew by 25.8% in North America, Greater China grew by 27.7% year on year. And the original industry boss Nike is no longer scenery. Nike recently released the second quarter earnings in 2017 fiscal year, sales grew 5%, by region, Greater China sales grew 11%, Nike revenue growth has been slowing down six quarters, the strong competitors Chasing the next, Nike boss position precarious, and in addition to this year’s “3.15” caught in the “double door”, the Chinese market is also serious.Nike orders for the current three consecutive quarters of decline. In orders for the first quarter of 2017, orders for global orders from September 2017 to January 2018 were $ 12.3 billion, up 7 percent from the same period last year, but the increase was much lower than 17 percent in the same period last year. In order to save the decline, Nike launched the “Consumer Direct Offense” program, according to the plan requirements, Nike will cut the global 2% of employees and a quarter of the shoes. At present, Nike in the world about more than 70,000 employees, layoffs 2% means that Nike in the world at least about 1,400 employees.

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In order to consolidate the excellent stability, nike huarache is still 11.8mm height difference in the palm of the implanted a mysterious ForEverFoam, this is said that the field of automotive industry has been a large number of applications of shock absorbing materials so that we think of the Asics magical GEL, the actual Road running in the shock effect to be tested! In addition to the new concept of dynamic buffer in the end, naha huarache soles design some lackluster, Puma past the main push Mobium Elite cat technology completely disappeared in the nike huarache, it seems that the futuristic full of bionic technology has been Puma completely negative, I believe the future focus of Puma running shoes products will focus on the end of nike huarache huarache size 9, Nike huarache outsole structure is very simple, before and after the palm clear distinction, Evertrack wear-resistant rubber supplemented by the classic waffle-shaped shading design, to provide a stable grip and durability, and before and after the palm of the way through the slotted way to impact The effective guide is also common in most running shoes on the soles of the design. Nike huarache body we see the current running shoes design all the hot spots, one of the molding of the upper technology, technology content in the end of science and technology, stable cushion soles structure, but also because of the accumulation of these hot spots so that we are still a difficult time On this pair of running shoes in a certain strength to make judgments. Nike huarache Fresh Foam 980 is nike huarache this year’s new product is also the main push models, this shoe brings the latest technology of New Balance “honeycomb”. Nike huarache through the pressure mapping, dynamic capture, contact load data and other three data collection, according to the different functional requirements of the operation of the design of the honeycomb in the end. This bottom of the hexagonal appearance and appearance of the honeycomb is very similar to the front and rear foot when running different load pressure, in the heel outside the design concave concave honeycomb particles to achieve shock absorption, the inside is designed as a convex honeycomb particles to achieve stability, Although this shoe will lose weight in the REVlite in the end, but in the foot and shock on the win, is a good shock wave running shoes. After nike huarache launched the new running shoes, will also be equipped with honeycomb technology.

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According to the Voice of China, “News Evening Peak” reported that according to Nike Commercial (China) Co., Ltd. statement, from April 3, including 90 days, the issue of Nike air cushion shoes and three times the amount of compensation. At this point, once the uproar of the Nike air door event finally settled. (April 4 CCTV wide network) in this year’s CCTV 315 party, Nike became the target of public criticism. A classic basketball shoes allegedly owned by the Nike patent ZOOMAIR cushion. But it was confirmed that there is no so-called air cushion. After a variety of wrangling, Nike finally relieved, published on the microblogging, for the purchase of the shoes have been purchased, the goods at the same time a one-time full refund and provide RMB 4,500 yuan, equivalent to three times the original huarache mens uk, This result is not easy, but it is necessary. According to the provisions of China’s “Consumer Protection Law”: the operator in the provision of goods or services, there are fraudulent acts, should be in accordance with the requirements of consumers to increase compensation for its losses, increase the amount of compensation for consumers to buy the price of goods or services Three times the cost. Nike’s behavior is a typical false propaganda and fraud, should bear the responsibility of retiring three. But not to say that such a refund has not yet implemented in place, even if the cash on schedule, you can say Nike “air door” dust settled it? I can not see it at all. On the one hand, after the incident, Nike has issued a number of versions of the statement, the details of the compensation before and after several changes, but never let go, CCTV 315 will reflect the situation, but the product “error description” does not exist Quality issues. Today, Nike, although bow, but whether it is Nike responsible person in the face of the crisis when the “wind mess”, or after dealing with the problem of shirking responsibility, not only people’s credibility of Nike discount, But also let people “experience” the lack of sincerity, ignoring the interests of consumers, and trying to deny the “air door” is a commercial fraud, can rely on Lai, dragged on, do not want to bear any liability for cunning and overbearing. These should have a saying, should not hastily. On the other hand, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the goods or services to do false or misleading propaganda, in addition to a compensable three, but also concurrently fine, suspend business for rectification, revoke the business license. From the concept of view, and now also lack any “and”, said “air door” finally settled, obviously too early for too early. In this regard, the regulatory authorities should help to guide the consumer claims and in accordance with the relevant laws, to further make the necessary administrative penalties, so that wealthy businessmen bear the big shop boring, ignoring the price of consumer rights. In fact, the “air door” for Nike, is not the first time. In 2011, Nike sales in China, “Hyperdunk 2011″ basketball shoes because the forefoot than the United States with the lack of air cushion by the consumer report, and ultimately to Nike to pay $ 487 million ticket ended. Now Nike refused to regret, “fell in the same place,” that illegal costs are too low, businesses simply wrong. That being the case, it should increase the punishment and improve the illegal costs. To be on the basis of a compensable three, according to the law to be included in the administrative penalties, and can not see the Knicks, bow, said “air door” has been settled. Only to allow businesses to feel the pain of the skin, they dare not put the consumer rights when the trifling matter. In order to let it understand that the law is clear, illegal, can not be any business chaos

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Nike rented this piece of the Woodward Avenue, 2044 square meters of sports malls, where was a cheap commodity store, Gilbert’s real estate company expects Nike’s presence will help attract other retailers, to further reduce the vacancy rate. Dennis van Oossanen, vice president of retail sales for North America in North America, called the store a “commitment to Michigan,” emphasizing that new stores will penetrate into local communities. Over the past few years, Nike has been trying to carry out according to regional characteristics and flexible changes in the retail strategy, such as skateboard culture in the region to open a Skate store, near the New York Central Park run training-based shops. The so-called “community store” is a US market with a regional retail try. Currently in Portland, Chicago, New Orleans,cheap huaraches shoes, Ivy near the city community, New York Brooklyn, Los Angeles, east of a total of six Nike community stores. They have more than 80% of the staff from within a radius of 5 miles (Los Angeles community stores can reach 100%), are familiar faces in the community; shop layout and store options will also cater to the neighborhood near the culture, Such as the Detroit Tigers, which sells Detroit Tigers’ products; in addition, there are activities and volunteer services designed for community people. The Detroit community store also has a special place, that is, Nike will provide 40,000 dollars a year to pay the local non-profit organizations. It seems that the community shop to please the local customers can be described as spare no effort. Nike is showing the company’s understanding of the North American market, this new retail form and local consumers will be a window of communication. At present, Detroit’s new store has not sold the University of Michigan school team of goods, but soon there will be, in July this year, adidas and the University of Michigan contract is about to expire, Nike spent $ 169 million signed sports equipment agreement will be in the new store To prove their value.

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Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) Nike Group recently released three open source projects on GitHub, according to technology blog TechCrunch said the sports giant may be to attract science and technology talent. As we all know, with the development of the wearable industry, a lot of wearable equipment into the public, with the support of more types of applications. Nike Group is the first to join the sports social mobile application construction of sports enterprises, and the company even once set up their own research and development studio. It is reported that Nike Inc. Nike Group currently in the App Store Apple store above the release of 10 iPhone applications and two iPad applications, and specifically for the Nike Fuel application developers to establish a website. Nike Nike Group rely on internal strength, its competitors are more direct, through the acquisition of a large number of users, technology talent technology companies, while at the same time embrace the most mainstream on the market several sports applications. February 12, 2016,nike huarache gold womens, Japan Sports brand group Asics Corp. (7936: Tokyo) Arthur to $ 85 million acquisition of sports community Runkeeper operators FitnessKeeper, Inc.; August 2015, Nike Inc. Nike Group’s largest competitor Adidas AG (ADSGn.DE) Adidas Group, the world’s second-largest sports brand, has spent € 220 million to acquire Runtastic GmbH, a pioneer in mobile fitness applications in Austria. In November 2013, Nike Group’s largest competitor in the US market, (NYSE: UA) Anderma acquired one of the world’s largest sports record platforms for $ 150 million. MapMyFitness. Nike’s three open source projects on GitHub are JSON parsing frameworks; distributed tracking solutions for the Java language, and lightweight log libraries written with Swift. In addition, the company also open source code for the Nike open source website. (NYSE: BBT) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Retailers, all created an account on GitHub for sharing items. And this action is mainly hope to enhance the brand impact, and their “camouflage” into a technology company. As for why the retail business “camouflage” into a technology company, has been the market value management than the product operation is more important A-share market performance is more obvious, because it is enough to enhance the company P / E, pushing up the price, The The current troubled Japanese brand Uniqlo Uniqlo parent company Fast Retailing Company Ltd. (9983.T) Former US chief executive Shin Odake Nobel is known as the company’s rival Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) Apple the company.