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Nike announced to stop selling golf equipment news shocked everyone, now, and the brightest giants brand war has begun, the focal point is undoubtedly the star of Nike’s two – – Tiger Woods, Rory – McIlroy.
It is – Tiger Woods friend Nuota He – more than Guy said the winner of 14 Grand Slam titles Jupiter, Florida home has been flooded golf equipment manufacturers,nike huaraches black, they are scrambling to fill the Nike exit after the golf field left blank. “I walked into his restaurant, but now there is no longer like a Nike the exhibition hall.” Nuota He – more than Guy said that the world ranked fifth Rory “he tried a variety of different things.” – McIlroy is also the focus of contention sponsor, Northern Irishman told reporters: “I have not come home, but obviously my parents’ house has been with the manufacturers of golf equipment to give me a stuffed I did not. to, but those things to come “in 2013, Rory – McIlroy Nike had just renewed a decade, so the exit Nike golf equipment in the field, for McIlroy would have been affected. Northern Ireland said, out of Nike to make him feel comfortable conditions, either McIlroy or Woods, in the clothing, the game will have to continue to use the Nike brand with the ball, but can choose other brands of golf equipment. Golf field in the past year there has been a huge earthquake, before Nike, Adidas and TaylorMade brands intend to sell, and its Adams Golf and Ashworth two production lines. But, like Nike, Adidas also retained golf shoes and apparel production. Meanwhile, according to reports, golf equipment retailer “Golfsmith” has been basically bankrupt. If Adidas really “get rid of” TaylorMade, Callaway then became the only listed company also retains a golf production line, the other full of private manufacturers. Nike’s players, including McIlroy, Woods, Michelle Wie, Feina Wu, Ke Paka, they have to continue to wear Nike clothing, Adidas-sponsored players, including Jenson – Dey, Dustin – Johnson and Sergio Austria – Garcia. 2014 by the GoDaddy founder Bob – Parsons newly established equipment manufacturer Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) for Nike’s players are interested in, except except Woods. “McIlroy feel excited, but let Feina Wu Ke Paka and I think there is great potential and we are likely to Wie chat..” – Bob Parsons discourse show, he tiger Woods does not seem to want to sign. McIlroy but that is not going to end speculation that the outside world: “I will not promise anything, I might have a little something to play with in the offseason, to see what can be provided to select the program, but I really We do not want to sign a contract with anyone in the next year. “