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Nike rented this piece of the Woodward Avenue, 2044 square meters of sports malls, where was a cheap commodity store, Gilbert’s real estate company expects Nike’s presence will help attract other retailers, to further reduce the vacancy rate. Dennis van Oossanen, vice president of retail sales for North America in North America, called the store a “commitment to Michigan,” emphasizing that new stores will penetrate into local communities. Over the past few years, Nike has been trying to carry out according to regional characteristics and flexible changes in the retail strategy, such as skateboard culture in the region to open a Skate store, near the New York Central Park run training-based shops. The so-called “community store” is a US market with a regional retail try. Currently in Portland, Chicago, New Orleans,cheap huaraches shoes, Ivy near the city community, New York Brooklyn, Los Angeles, east of a total of six Nike community stores. They have more than 80% of the staff from within a radius of 5 miles (Los Angeles community stores can reach 100%), are familiar faces in the community; shop layout and store options will also cater to the neighborhood near the culture, Such as the Detroit Tigers, which sells Detroit Tigers’ products; in addition, there are activities and volunteer services designed for community people. The Detroit community store also has a special place, that is, Nike will provide 40,000 dollars a year to pay the local non-profit organizations. It seems that the community shop to please the local customers can be described as spare no effort. Nike is showing the company’s understanding of the North American market, this new retail form and local consumers will be a window of communication. At present, Detroit’s new store has not sold the University of Michigan school team of goods, but soon there will be, in July this year, adidas and the University of Michigan contract is about to expire, Nike spent $ 169 million signed sports equipment agreement will be in the new store To prove their value.

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Nike Inc. (NYSE: NKE) Nike Group recently released three open source projects on GitHub, according to technology blog TechCrunch said the sports giant may be to attract science and technology talent. As we all know, with the development of the wearable industry, a lot of wearable equipment into the public, with the support of more types of applications. Nike Group is the first to join the sports social mobile application construction of sports enterprises, and the company even once set up their own research and development studio. It is reported that Nike Inc. Nike Group currently in the App Store Apple store above the release of 10 iPhone applications and two iPad applications, and specifically for the Nike Fuel application developers to establish a website. Nike Nike Group rely on internal strength, its competitors are more direct, through the acquisition of a large number of users, technology talent technology companies, while at the same time embrace the most mainstream on the market several sports applications. February 12, 2016,nike huarache gold womens, Japan Sports brand group Asics Corp. (7936: Tokyo) Arthur to $ 85 million acquisition of sports community Runkeeper operators FitnessKeeper, Inc.; August 2015, Nike Inc. Nike Group’s largest competitor Adidas AG (ADSGn.DE) Adidas Group, the world’s second-largest sports brand, has spent € 220 million to acquire Runtastic GmbH, a pioneer in mobile fitness applications in Austria. In November 2013, Nike Group’s largest competitor in the US market, (NYSE: UA) Anderma acquired one of the world’s largest sports record platforms for $ 150 million. MapMyFitness. Nike’s three open source projects on GitHub are JSON parsing frameworks; distributed tracking solutions for the Java language, and lightweight log libraries written with Swift. In addition, the company also open source code for the Nike open source website. (NYSE: BBT) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Best Buy Co. Inc. (NYSE: BBY) Retailers, all created an account on GitHub for sharing items. And this action is mainly hope to enhance the brand impact, and their “camouflage” into a technology company. As for why the retail business “camouflage” into a technology company, has been the market value management than the product operation is more important A-share market performance is more obvious, because it is enough to enhance the company P / E, pushing up the price, The The current troubled Japanese brand Uniqlo Uniqlo parent company Fast Retailing Company Ltd. (9983.T) Former US chief executive Shin Odake Nobel is known as the company’s rival Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) Apple the company.

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Nike announced to stop selling golf equipment news shocked everyone, now, and the brightest giants brand war has begun, the focal point is undoubtedly the star of Nike’s two – – Tiger Woods, Rory – McIlroy.
It is – Tiger Woods friend Nuota He – more than Guy said the winner of 14 Grand Slam titles Jupiter, Florida home has been flooded golf equipment manufacturers,nike huaraches black, they are scrambling to fill the Nike exit after the golf field left blank. “I walked into his restaurant, but now there is no longer like a Nike the exhibition hall.” Nuota He – more than Guy said that the world ranked fifth Rory “he tried a variety of different things.” – McIlroy is also the focus of contention sponsor, Northern Irishman told reporters: “I have not come home, but obviously my parents’ house has been with the manufacturers of golf equipment to give me a stuffed I did not. to, but those things to come “in 2013, Rory – McIlroy Nike had just renewed a decade, so the exit Nike golf equipment in the field, for McIlroy would have been affected. Northern Ireland said, out of Nike to make him feel comfortable conditions, either McIlroy or Woods, in the clothing, the game will have to continue to use the Nike brand with the ball, but can choose other brands of golf equipment. Golf field in the past year there has been a huge earthquake, before Nike, Adidas and TaylorMade brands intend to sell, and its Adams Golf and Ashworth two production lines. But, like Nike, Adidas also retained golf shoes and apparel production. Meanwhile, according to reports, golf equipment retailer “Golfsmith” has been basically bankrupt. If Adidas really “get rid of” TaylorMade, Callaway then became the only listed company also retains a golf production line, the other full of private manufacturers. Nike’s players, including McIlroy, Woods, Michelle Wie, Feina Wu, Ke Paka, they have to continue to wear Nike clothing, Adidas-sponsored players, including Jenson – Dey, Dustin – Johnson and Sergio Austria – Garcia. 2014 by the GoDaddy founder Bob – Parsons newly established equipment manufacturer Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) for Nike’s players are interested in, except except Woods. “McIlroy feel excited, but let Feina Wu Ke Paka and I think there is great potential and we are likely to Wie chat..” – Bob Parsons discourse show, he tiger Woods does not seem to want to sign. McIlroy but that is not going to end speculation that the outside world: “I will not promise anything, I might have a little something to play with in the offseason, to see what can be provided to select the program, but I really We do not want to sign a contract with anyone in the next year. “

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Yesterday by Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon, Caldwell Pope, Maurice Haq Rees seven NBA players consisting of American professional basketball team in Shanghai Xing Rui Nike opened their 2016 basketball tour.they wear nike ultra huaraches shoes, In Shixizhongxue, Xing Rui Nike Team Nike RISE ACADEMY guide youth training, to improve their level of basketball. In the evening, Xing Rui Nike team raided a pedestrian upper body Nike basketball park, interact with the fans, I hope that all basketball fans excited from now on, put aside all restraint, return to the essence of sport, enjoy the fun of basketball. This is Aaron Gordon first came to Shanghai, he said:. “China is very happy to come, there are many young people stick basketball dreams, their self-confidence and fear, which is why we want to tell them.” no, the Nike brand in China is very appealing. Market situation is very favorable for us, warm people backlash, so that we can end digital mobile network, which is our digital platform is advantageous. We did very well in this field, Nike in China over the past few years to lay the country, for our future development is very favorable. Consumers want quality products and reliable brands, they all believe that Nike did very well, so we hope that our existing innovative ways. We do is lay the groundwork for the next few years, Nike can do better in the future China. We now do have women’s products, Jordan’s rich diversity of products. Training products must have expansion, running series is also very suitable for expansion, Jordan will sponsor the University of Michigan football team uniforms. Jordan is now involved in a variety of sports fields for Michigan sponsorship efforts will also increase. Jordan is a good brand, is the current situation with movement of men and the US market of a change. This is a consumer to make more choices to make in the brand opportunity. We should be careful to ensure that we do not have the wrong direction, there are many opportunities in front of Jordan.

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In AIR MAX, for example, it is almost nike running series boast peak. On weight, far beyond the same type of product. 2015 newest AIR MAX even after a variety of weight loss, but still reached 12.9 oz about 365 grams of weight (US10, with code asics kinsei only 330 grams). On the buffer, almost no energy feedback, there is no suitable compression over (that is, we often say software). For flat feet, varus and valgus and other special physical condition, the more there is no corresponding help. Science and technology is already quite mature in running shoes today, air cushion can say that it is not suitable for running shoes, nike while still rely on its strong design and market operators, cheap nike huarache,operating the AIR MAX series with a bang, destroyed countless people. Of course, if your needs are light show, I actually speechless. Of course, Nike has always been the main fashion, like to buy a professional Jackets will not buy as TNF. Just one example, according to Nike will not be as wide feet last type has a corresponding size shoe size like Asics, will not let customers to measure the foot, Nike mainly FMCG market.
In ASICS running shoes, for example, the product line is very clear. Support series of moderate earthquakes series and full-controlled series, corresponding to different types of arch. Top with the second top series, corresponding to different types of body weight. Shoe width from 2A to 4E, enough to accommodate a variety of foot fat feet thin. There are also various games for professional shoes, the more famous triathlon and marathon shoes tiger shoes go. But even running 5 kilometers within 10 kilometers, itself is very thin people, the difference between running shoes for influence is not so obvious. If it is regular long distance itself is big and heavy, so NIKE disadvantage is very obvious, and this is precisely the professional running shoes should have. Guidance Line ?: can effectively guide the heel-to-toe position, providing a smooth and comfortable running journey, while also reducing energy consumption and delay fatigue.
Trusstic System ?: I generally referred to as the bridge. It is generally used resin superimposed on the foot area, to enhance the strength and toughness, improve stability. The first bridge is a plastic sheet (my NIMBUS 7 is the case) relatively thick, thin bridge now a lot more than before, completely covered by a previous form into a strip, and I feel that the strip material MIZUNO WAVE sheet of material close. Space Trusstic System ?: The air bridge. This technique than in bridge technology updates, this is more like technology MIZUNO the WAVE technology, but is a part of the arch rather than the heel portion.