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According to the Voice of China, “News Evening Peak” reported that according to Nike Commercial (China) Co., Ltd. statement, from April 3, including 90 days, the issue of Nike air cushion shoes and three times the amount of compensation. At this point, once the uproar of the Nike air door event finally settled. (April 4 CCTV wide network) in this year’s CCTV 315 party, Nike became the target of public criticism. A classic basketball shoes allegedly owned by the Nike patent ZOOMAIR cushion. But it was confirmed that there is no so-called air cushion. After a variety of wrangling, Nike finally relieved, published on the microblogging, for the purchase of the shoes have been purchased, the goods at the same time a one-time full refund and provide RMB 4,500 yuan, equivalent to three times the original huarache mens uk, This result is not easy, but it is necessary. According to the provisions of China’s “Consumer Protection Law”: the operator in the provision of goods or services, there are fraudulent acts, should be in accordance with the requirements of consumers to increase compensation for its losses, increase the amount of compensation for consumers to buy the price of goods or services Three times the cost. Nike’s behavior is a typical false propaganda and fraud, should bear the responsibility of retiring three. But not to say that such a refund has not yet implemented in place, even if the cash on schedule, you can say Nike “air door” dust settled it? I can not see it at all. On the one hand, after the incident, Nike has issued a number of versions of the statement, the details of the compensation before and after several changes, but never let go, CCTV 315 will reflect the situation, but the product “error description” does not exist Quality issues. Today, Nike, although bow, but whether it is Nike responsible person in the face of the crisis when the “wind mess”, or after dealing with the problem of shirking responsibility, not only people’s credibility of Nike discount, But also let people “experience” the lack of sincerity, ignoring the interests of consumers, and trying to deny the “air door” is a commercial fraud, can rely on Lai, dragged on, do not want to bear any liability for cunning and overbearing. These should have a saying, should not hastily. On the other hand, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the goods or services to do false or misleading propaganda, in addition to a compensable three, but also concurrently fine, suspend business for rectification, revoke the business license. From the concept of view, and now also lack any “and”, said “air door” finally settled, obviously too early for too early. In this regard, the regulatory authorities should help to guide the consumer claims and in accordance with the relevant laws, to further make the necessary administrative penalties, so that wealthy businessmen bear the big shop boring, ignoring the price of consumer rights. In fact, the “air door” for Nike, is not the first time. In 2011, Nike sales in China, “Hyperdunk 2011″ basketball shoes because the forefoot than the United States with the lack of air cushion by the consumer report, and ultimately to Nike to pay $ 487 million ticket ended. Now Nike refused to regret, “fell in the same place,” that illegal costs are too low, businesses simply wrong. That being the case, it should increase the punishment and improve the illegal costs. To be on the basis of a compensable three, according to the law to be included in the administrative penalties, and can not see the Knicks, bow, said “air door” has been settled. Only to allow businesses to feel the pain of the skin, they dare not put the consumer rights when the trifling matter. In order to let it understand that the law is clear, illegal, can not be any business chaos