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With the sports consumption as one of the new consumer trends, the sports industry has begun to surging. Authoritative report pointed out that the sports industry in the largest proportion of sports products and brands, the Chinese clothing footwear, health care, leisure and education industry in the next five years will be a strong growth of 26% to 42%. From the recent domestic and international sports brands have released mid-year report, you can also see around the “movement” more and more intense competition, Adidas Greater China grew 27.7% year on year, continue to erode the original industry boss Nike’s market share; domestic sports Brand Li Ning also came a good news, and bet on children’s clothing market. nike huaraches womens sale,The image of the damaged Nike in China, a serious fall, a new qualifying start staged. China’s sports industry special report – “China started – the rise of the Chinese sports fitness industry” (hereinafter referred to as “report”) shows that China’s consumer upgrade is quietly in progress , While the sports consumption also will usher in the largest market dividend. Report analysis pointed out that in 2016 the size of the Chinese sports fitness market close to 1.5 trillion yuan (about 216.8 billion US dollars), of which sports products and equipment consumption accounted for nearly 70%. The report analyzes the overall situation of China’s sports industry and predicts the potential for sports such as sports, sports and other winter sports as well as traditional martial arts and health and fitness. It is the largest sports product and brand in the sports industry , The report said that China’s apparel footwear, health care, leisure and education industry in the next five years will be a strong growth of 26% to 42%. As a result, the Chinese market by the international sports brand as a battle for emerging markets. Nike, the original Nike occupy the top spot in the Chinese sports market, but Adidas this year’s performance, Adidas Nike’s position is pressing harder and harder. According to Adidas recently announced the second quarter of 2017 earnings report, Adidas net sales rose 20% to 50.38 billion euros, net profit rose 16% to 347 million euros, its brands Adidas and Reebok have increased. From the regional development point of view, in addition to Russia, all other regions have achieved double-digit growth in sales, which grew by 25.8% in North America, Greater China grew by 27.7% year on year. And the original industry boss Nike is no longer scenery. Nike recently released the second quarter earnings in 2017 fiscal year, sales grew 5%, by region, Greater China sales grew 11%, Nike revenue growth has been slowing down six quarters, the strong competitors Chasing the next, Nike boss position precarious, and in addition to this year’s “3.15” caught in the “double door”, the Chinese market is also serious.Nike orders for the current three consecutive quarters of decline. In orders for the first quarter of 2017, orders for global orders from September 2017 to January 2018 were $ 12.3 billion, up 7 percent from the same period last year, but the increase was much lower than 17 percent in the same period last year. In order to save the decline, Nike launched the “Consumer Direct Offense” program, according to the plan requirements, Nike will cut the global 2% of employees and a quarter of the shoes. At present, Nike in the world about more than 70,000 employees, layoffs 2% means that Nike in the world at least about 1,400 employees.