nike huarache white rose

Nike huarache white rose

City Consumer Protection Committee in the near future in major shopping malls, brand stores and network platforms purchased 46 samples, in accordance with the relevant national and international standards, focusing on business promotion and consumer concerns outsole slip resistance, folding resistance, grinding performance, shock absorption cushioning, slip resistance and other items were tested. After folding performance by simulating human foot continuous walking state, running shoes were 40,000 times bending the whole shoe was observed cracking, degumming, etc., intuitive reflect shoe uppers, the substrate strength, toughness, and help end Wai Article bonding fastness overall quality and wear durability. Folding properties,nike huaraches, the length of a plastic shoes to reflect the real situation under dynamic adhesive properties, then the open plastic adhesive effect between the bottom into the upper well. The trials, three samples do not meet national standards, including 545 yuan one pair of PUMA sneakers for men and women (Model: 187532) – Comparison test, the outer bottom and in the end emerged with glue; the other two member in the comparison does not meet national standards and running shoes are from NEW BALANCE ASICS two brands, the former price of 544 yuan, which is 392 yuan. Shoe soles wear resistance is a measure of product quality levels and durability of important technical indicators. Currently soles mainly PU, EVA and other materials used in this experiment, PU material wear resistance are better than EVA material, EVA material which has abrasion resistance performance of a sample of the general, that is, the nominal Ltd. Shanghai Mizuno production of men’s running shoes (nominal trademark: MIZUNO, model specifications: J1GG152703) left shoe (EVA: 14.0 mm) and the right shoes (EVA: 13.9 mm) does not meet the national standard (12 mm). Damping performance is an important indicator of running shoes to absorb impact energy, reflecting the whole shoe damping effect. Good damping performance running shoes not only make more reasonable body weight distributed in various parts of the foot, cushioning the impact of exercise on the brain, and other body parts Gengu caused, but also can play a role in supporting stability.
However, the major comparison test conducted for the heel, the worst value of 32.5 was actually the optimal value of 4.7 nearly 7 times (smaller data show better damping performance). Ren Trade Co., Ltd. Shanghai Brilliance (Qiaodan Tian Lin Road) sales of 319 yuan Jordan female running shoes (Model: BM4250252), followed by damping performance is 18.4. The claim to have “Trinomic cushioning technology” 769 yuan PUMA women shoes, its damping performance value reached 14.5, higher than the average of 9.08 in the comparison test. Rebound is soles compression reflect whether running shoes worn soles after long will collapse, deformation. Are damping performance will weaken an important indicator. The test results show that the average bounce rate of 48.52%, the optimum value of 29%, the worst value of 66% (Note: The smaller the percentage rebound better performance). Worst of one pair of 869 yuan NIKE men’s running shoes (Model: 705461-007), a little better than the 319 yuan of Jordan female running shoes (Model: BM4250252), corresponding to a value of 62%. And a price of $ 999 sneakers Ms. Ande A ROBOT (1258728-369), its dark green EVA midsole compression ratio of 51%, higher than the average of 48.52 percent.