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Yesterday by Zach Lavine, Aaron Gordon, Caldwell Pope, Maurice Haq Rees seven NBA players consisting of American professional basketball team in Shanghai Xing Rui Nike opened their 2016 basketball tour.they wear nike ultra huaraches shoes, In Shixizhongxue, Xing Rui Nike Team Nike RISE ACADEMY guide youth training, to improve their level of basketball. In the evening, Xing Rui Nike team raided a pedestrian upper body Nike basketball park, interact with the fans, I hope that all basketball fans excited from now on, put aside all restraint, return to the essence of sport, enjoy the fun of basketball. This is Aaron Gordon first came to Shanghai, he said:. “China is very happy to come, there are many young people stick basketball dreams, their self-confidence and fear, which is why we want to tell them.” no, the Nike brand in China is very appealing. Market situation is very favorable for us, warm people backlash, so that we can end digital mobile network, which is our digital platform is advantageous. We did very well in this field, Nike in China over the past few years to lay the country, for our future development is very favorable. Consumers want quality products and reliable brands, they all believe that Nike did very well, so we hope that our existing innovative ways. We do is lay the groundwork for the next few years, Nike can do better in the future China. We now do have women’s products, Jordan’s rich diversity of products. Training products must have expansion, running series is also very suitable for expansion, Jordan will sponsor the University of Michigan football team uniforms. Jordan is now involved in a variety of sports fields for Michigan sponsorship efforts will also increase. Jordan is a good brand, is the current situation with movement of men and the US market of a change. This is a consumer to make more choices to make in the brand opportunity. We should be careful to ensure that we do not have the wrong direction, there are many opportunities in front of Jordan.